Hi there, I'm Sara (pronounced SAH-ruh)

I'm a photographer specializing in family and childhood photography in Grand Haven, Michigan. I have been making photographs for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up, my mother was an avid amateur fine art and documentary photographer. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but when my own photographic journey began I realized that she had taught me the beauty and healing power of photography.

I have now been shooting digitally for over a decade, growing as an artist through personal photographic projects that chronicled my daily life as an adventurer, international volunteer, outdoor enthusiast, wife, and mother. I have also used my photography to help navigate great loss in my life. Having experienced the healing power of imagery myself, I’m motivated to keep picking up my little black box to share that gift with others.

I believe that the value of an image comes from the quality of the memory it provides. Seeing a photograph of your past should bring you right back to the moment it was taken. As your photographer, I am passionate about capturing authentic moments in your life, the moments that will provide healing and remembrance to you and your family. I shoot in an unobtrusive, documentary style so we can relax and have a meaningful exchange. I ask my clients to trust me and to know that if I'm shooting a moment, it has value.

I reside in Grand Haven, Michigan, with my husband, Tyrel and our three children, Ilana (8), Oran (6), and Autumn (4). You can often find us exploring the great outdoors, hiking in woods, or camping in a forest or by a beach.