The Birth of Baby River

Dearest Engelbert Family,

Thank you a million times over for inviting me to document your journey. I've literally been in complete and utter AWE of your family since the birth of baby River. You are an inspiring family who leaves me feeling so happy and hopeful. I'm so proud to know you all. Denise, you're an absolutely incredible and strong mama. I hope you see all the beauty that I see here in these images. This is around 65 of your 217 images, and I'll be delivering all images in black and white and in color (434 total). There are so many beautiful moments that it was actually painful to choose your preview images. Thankfully you'll have them all in a couple of weeks. <3.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all, I am here for you. You're free to share this link with anyone you wish, or no one at all. It is not linked on my website, so only you have access to it, unless you share the link.

Talk to you soon sweet family.



And a million thanks to your incredible birth team. Our community is blessed to have these wonderful midwives! <3.


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