Baby Riley's Birth Day

Dearest Rogers Family,

Here is your lovely preview. I hope you see the massive amounts of love and strength permeating through these images. Thank you a million times over for inviting me into your birth space to document this part of your journey. I'm still in love with this world after seeing you birth your sweet girl with calm, patience, and overflowing love from you both. You're an amazing woman, Holly!

With Love,



You are free to share this link with whomever you wish or no one at all :) If you'd like to save an image to your phone, press on the photo and a pop up will appear with the option to save. If you'd like to save on a computer, you can right click to save. When I am finished editing all of your images, I will send you a link to an online gallery where you can download all of your high resolution images. I will also send along a custom USB with your digital files as well. I would love to share your birth on my website eventually, but there is absolutely no rush whatsoever. You'll have an opportunity once you receive your gallery to go through each one and let me know what you would like to keep private. If you have any questions at all about anything, please let me know, I am here! :)

I would love to send the last couple of images from your birth over to Salmonberry, I know Holly would be over the moon! Please let me know if that is okay. <3

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