For me, photography is about a few things:

Documentation and preservation

Documenting what’s actually happening around us has immense value. It provides insight years down the line and allows us to see things about ourselves that we may not have been able to see at the time.


Whether we face it or not, our lives are fleeting. Moments come and go, and all too often we find ourselves saying things like, “Wow, time really flies, huh?” or “If only I knew then what I know now.” I don’t think there is a way to defy time, but we do have tools to help us in these moments.

Images can take us back to times in our lives that we may need to dwell on for a bit. I love nothing more than sitting on the couch with my dad or sister, looking at old photos and asking about every detail. I love telling stories to each other as we laugh, reminisce, and cry together. It never gets old, and I hope to give this gift to my children as my parents gave it to me.


As an artist, creating an image is about seeing a moment and combining it with my vision and technical knowledge to make an image that goes beyond the obvious. I’m not just documenting moments so you can remember them. I also aim to create timeless art—images that take you back in time, but also feel a little bit magical. Photographs that you will be proud to share, print, and display on your walls. You’ll take these prints with you throughout your life and pass them down to your children and grandchildren.