Baby Bridger, aka 'Toad'.

On December 18th, the world changed forever. At 9 weeks old, baby Bridger, aka 'Toad', had a sudden crash and was rushed to our local ER. He was then transferred to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma, and a few days later was transferred yet again to Seattle Children's Hospital, where he is still. I don't have the medical terminology to tell you his story, and to be honest - I don't think anyone does. No one knows why he crashed initially, but we do know that he is now on a long road to recovery.

You can follow updates on his FB page here: Toad's Story, and you can help this family in need by donating here: Donate.

Andria, in the waiting room at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.


On Christmas Evening, I was able to head over to Seattle to see this sweet boy again. I hope to continue documenting his journey over the coming weeks and months.

As I write this, I'm tearing up. I've searched far and wide, inside and out, for the words to pass along. I simply don't have them to say. I envisioned ending this with a psalm, providing love and some hope for anyone reading. Unfortunately, nothing that I've studied today has resonated with me. All I can muster is to be present, to answer this call - I know this work is what I'm meant to be doing in my life. To be honest, I've been feeling terribly sorry for myself lately - conflicted about my work, my art - as I've been faced with some big changes this coming year for both myself and for my family. These sacred moments above provided me with clarity about so much that has been blurry to me. I'm grateful to have been able to show up, for this family and for others that I've been privileged to share this holy space with. If you pray, please pray - consider leaving some healing words in the comments below. And if you've been in my shoes lately, lost or searching, please answer the call.. We're here waiting for you.