Meet The Artist | Poulsbo Birth and Newborn Photographer

Hey friends!!

I had such an amazing day with these fabulous ladies at the Nurturing Expressions anniversary event and I feel so blessed to have such strong and inspirational women in my life! Thank you to Elizabeth and her entire team, for hosting such an amazing celebration - your energy, enthusiasm, and warmth are incredibly inspiring. And Jen, your presence is so very healing and I'm grateful for all that I have learned from you these past few years. And, ironically enough, the woman who snapped this shot of us ended up winning my giveaway this evening!! Proud moments for me today, and I'm so honored to share them with you.


And, a special thank you to my lovely sister, Tamar, who is an incredibly talented graphic designer. She never hesitates to give me lessons in Ps/Id, and more often than not, she creates the graphics for my teeny tiny local business. Endless love for you, sister!

Poulsbo Birth Photographer