Sunset, and Moonrise - Full Blood Moon

We took the kiddos to the beach on July 27th to watch the sunset and the moonrise. They were only a few minutes apart that evening and it also happened to be a full blood moon. Ty grabbed the 300L (here), and although it makes the most sense to photograph the moon with that lens because it's our longest lens, I just do not enjoy shooting with it. It's an f/4, and it's very heavy - so hand holding with slow shutter speeds it very difficult for me. But here's what I got!

www.sarakrebsbach.com_full sun-1.jpg

The sunset over the beach was stunning through the clouds, and the moonrise was so very beautiful. I've been so interested in the moon cycle lately, and I'd love to learn more about the moon and it's effect on our lives and moods. The top photo below, where the moon looks orange, was at 9:30pm, just after rising at 9:15pm. The bottom image below was around 12:30am right outside of our house!

www.sarakrebsbach.com_full moon-1-2.jpg

The full moon was shining so brightly through our bedroom window, and I couldn't help myself! I jumped out of bed to grab our beloved 200mm (here), and stood outside looking up in awe for about ten minutes. The clouds were out in force and moving fast. It was an incredible sight.

www.sarakrebsbach.com_full moon-1.jpg

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