Thea's Beautiful Birth Day

I have to tell you guys.. I'm so in awe of this family. When I think about the families I am honored to spend time with & photograph when their baby enters this world, it is those like this one who mean the most to me.. Who I feel will find value in these photographs the most as time ticks on throughout our lives. Not everything happened the way it was planned, and yes, part of my heart breaks.. Not because of the outcome, but because I can empathize and understand that it can be disappointing or shocking when a birth happens so fast and in an unexpected way. But another part of my heart - the bigger part - sees so much beauty in these photographs. Beauty in the love given to baby Thea in the first few hours of life, and beauty in witnessing the start of this family's journey. Their love was permeating through the room, and I hope I was able to capture a part of that here.

Thank you so much for having me, Winslow family. I am so full of gratitude.

These next few of mom and baby bonding are some of my absolute favorites!

And although grandparents weren't even planning to be at Thea's birth, they were there.. Waiting with patience and anticipation to meet their grand-baby.

[Gear Info: All images captured on a 5DMarkiii with35mm f/1.4L ii &  50mm f/1.2L lenses. All images shot with available light.]

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Thank you for spending your time with me here and with this family's amazing story. I am currently accepting birth clients with due dates November - May. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please join me in wishing this family all the best in their sweet newness.